Case Study

CLIENT: Physiotherapy, Fitness & Wellbeing business. Devon

OBJECTIVE: Create a business strategy that puts the client at the centre of the business relationship, develop outcome focused health services that deliver recognised results, capture potential local growth markets and build a team capable of sustaining high quality consistent customer service.

BRIEF: The business has grown profitably and organically in its first year of trading and now, finds itself like many businesses, reliant on key individuals to deliver services whilst at the same time the same individuals potentially constrain business growth.

The business needs to formalise a clear long-term business strategy which sets out the future direction and actions that the business should undertake in order to reduce dependency on key staff, create a team with strength and depth of knowledge and maximise its potential growth value.

SOLUTION: BigBlueStuff Business Development Coach working alongside the management team in the creation, implementation and management of a targeted business strategy.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: Our business had a great first year far surpassing our expectations which was wonderful on one hand but left precious little time to consider and implement how we could do stuff better and create the right foundations for future growth.

We were always on catch up.

The Physiotherapy degree does not provide any education on business and development. My inexperience in the private sector led to many decisions in the first year that weren’t correctly reasoned and led to difficult and avoidable situations.
Before our involvement with BigBlueStuff the business was successful to the outside view but not in the least sustainable as it relied on myself working crazy hours which would lead to a decline in patient care. Challenging situations arising with staff would worry me for days. Not having any strategies in place to deal with them led to hours of wasted worry time.

Pete’s involvement as a coach has been inspiring.

In the early stages of the coaching process it quickly became apparent there was a bigger need for general business guidance, so we formalised our business strategy and goals for the future. Our sessions are inspiring, productive and above all exciting. Involving BigBlueStuff was a big leap financially for a small business but one which we feel was necessary to ensure our long term survival, help us realise our plans and dreams and ensure my sanity along the way.

Personally, I have found that gaining some clarity with the business takes the worry out of decision making as it the next necessary step becomes logical.

I was delighted to realise I could bring my own personality to the business and that there are many ways of leading. The coaching model is great in our line of work and we have picked up lots of transferable skills to use in the clinical setting with our clients and patients.

The BigBlueStuff approach has enabled me to be clearer with decision making and more peaceful in my down time. We still have much to learn and to achieve but the foundations are being set properly and consolidated on.

As a team we are all learning and growing as the business does. The only frustrations for me now are that I can’t get all the stuff done quick enough. That is my next challenge – accepting that sometimes good things take a little time to happen!

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