Executive Insight

There are many ways to plan, strategize, think, clear the mind, build strong teams and engender a different quality of thinking for yourself your team or your organisation. We choose the ocean AND the classroom to enable our clients. It’s, ‘And/both’ not ‘either/or’ that builds sustainable results when thinking, being and results needs to shift.

For a long time we've been drawn to the ocean. We've run our bespoke and open programmes, Executive Insight and Walk-on Water, knowing that the ocean enables us, as well as our clients to think systemically about business, and its inter-connectedness with all things.

We've found, as have our clients, that three days in a space and place that respects the power and grace of the natural environment, engenders thinking of a different quality, one we call, 'long sighted thinking'.

When we combine time in the ocean with other experiential thinking tools like Lego Serious Play, give your mind a hand, business' find themselves asking different questions about their business and the answers are usually groundbreaking for them in what happens next, whether it’s moving a business to the other side of the world, changing the legal nature of an organisation so that it serves its clients with more efficiency, drives towards integrated thinking and becomes more results oriented or enabling a very respected, but staid organisation, to reconsider the way it delivers multi million pound programmes.

Participants find that the metaphors and experience of their time spent with us continue to resonate in their lives and business long after the event, simply by breaking the pattern of being in the elements and out of the boardroom.

Executive Insight links the three core essentials of doing better business together inextricably, that of performance, enjoyment and learning. Long sighted thinking is a compound result of these three elements that make up our programmes, looking at near and far futures, examining the gap and thinking systemically about what needs to happen to get from ‘here now’ to ‘there then’! It’s a performance experience driven by our clients needs that interrupts stale patterns of behaviour in a vigorous, dynamic way.

(This view is also shared by our good friend and trusted resource, Martin Connoly at Discovery surf school. He uses the power of the ocean to work with autistic children, taking them into a whole new sphere. We also we read with interest an article in the Guardian recently about surf therapy being used with former service personnel http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/sep/09/surf-therapy-former-servicemen)

Whilst both the above examples show the ocean heals and is restorative, we use the ocean to drive ‘people centred, business focussed, results oriented’ performance, based on a simple set of principles that look at the systemic nature of a team, organisation or high performing individual and their roles enabling long sighted thinking and a different way of performing.