Faciliatation for Big Blue Stuff is the art AND science of enabling a group of people, teams or organisations to have meaningful dialogue to increase performance.

Increasing performance may mean dealing with complex issues, clarifying opportunities, solving problems. For this to happen we believe there are some fundamental rules that need to be in place at the start of the facilitation, these include having as much of the 'system' or 'people' in the room as possible, that everyone acknowledges that they, including BigBlueStuff as facilitators, are colleagues in the process. We also believe that participants should be completely aware of their assumptions and how they are anticipating the facilitation process.

The environment should also be conducive to meaningful dialogue, being safe, appropriate and enabling. It should be isolated from distraction but not a space detached from the reality of the business at hand I.e facilitating a meaningful outcome that will improve performance.

Our clients, new and current, often ask BigBluestuff to facilitate 'Lessons learned', 'Team Forming' and sometimes quite highly charged 'Stakeholder Engagement' workshops, for example and we can do this through straightforward round table dialogue, through 'goldfishbowl facilitation' or we can use LSP methodology to unstick, gain agility or prolem solve in the workshops or meetings.