Case study

CLIENT: UK Property Company

OBJECTIVE: To design and deliver an innovative planning system within one year.

BRIEF: An inspirational project to create a Marine Spatial Planning system to facilitate better understanding and management of the development potential of UK waters.

SOLUTION: A 12 month programme management engagement focused on taking a vision from the business, translating into realistic project specifications, building a development team, delivering to exacting business milestones, whilst delivering outputs from a developing system, deployment, testing and handover. Utilised ‘Agile’ development methodologies to meet timescales and a strong focus on coaching principals informed the management of project from the beginning of the programme.

BUSINESS RESULT: Successful delivery and deployment on time and on budget led to a further 12-month project to scale the system to commercial deployment.

Multi award winning system, enabled the business to proactively contribute on a national stage in defining the long term use of the UK’s marine resource. It has raised the profile of the business and is now respected as an informed, responsible and proactive landlord of its assets.