Case Study 1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

CLIENT: General Council, Global Investment Bank

OBJECTIVE: Skills and behaviours coaching to succeed in rigorous interview and selection process

BRIEF: Selected to work with a candidate for the role of European General Counsel at a global investment bank to help them work on areas identified by the selection board and to help them prepare for a challenging and rigorous interview and selection process.

SOLUTION: 1-2-1 development coaching for a period of six months

BUSINESS RESULTS: The individual was successful in their application for the role of European General Counsel.

Engaged to work as the individual transitioned into this major leadership role, enabling them to gain clarity about the role, thier leadership style and working with a considerably larger team. The team then went on to win national awards for its work.

1-2-1 Performance/Skills Coaching

CLIENT: SME, Financial Services

OBJECTIVE: Director level engagement focused on improving business efficiency and building a more profitable business

BRIEF: To raise awareness and develop skills to enable the business to build and sustain better, more profitable relationships with existing and new clients

SOLUTION: A six month 1-2-1 performance and skills coaching relationship, in which the direction and goals of the business were firstly explored and clarified before working on the requisite skills and behaviours needed to achieve the business goals.

BUSINESS RESULT: 70% growth in turnover in one year, whilst achieving balance in work and home life. Agreed 3 and 5 year business strategies.

Retained to deliver a further 6 month coaching programme