Case Study - Team Coaching


CLIENT: Renewable Sector

OBJECTIVE: Engaged to work with a new/forming leadership team to consolidate their thinking and gain clarity of direction as they embarked on delivering a national capital investment programme.

BRIEF: To enable the team to gel very quickly, to get to know, trust and believe in each other and find the most effective and productive ways of working together.

OUR STRATEGY: To take them out of their normal working environment to a place where hierarchy, usual ways of working and interferences were minimised.

SOLUTION: A three day experiential workshop in an inspiring location in the South West to create the time and space for the leadership team to begin the process of getting to know, trust and believe in each other. Systemic thinking using Executive Insight© and Lego Serious Play to model the dynamic complexity especially around the challenges the team faced.

1-2-1 coaching for some members of the team over 3-6 months to embed the learning and support their development in light of the challenges the programme presented both nationally and internationally.

BUSINESS RESULTS: The team successfully conceptualised, established and procured a number of nationally important renewable energy programmes, acting as a catalyst for thousands of green jobs in the UK, ensuring security of energy supply and contributing to reducing the UK's CO2 emissions under the Kyoto agreement.

Thanks for a tremendous day I think it is going to have a very positive impact on our business.
Christine Corner - Managing Director Genactis Ltd