Big Blue Stuff has, is and will always be informed by the ocean. It was named whilst barefoot on Saunton Sands, and our first board meeting was in 'The Sloop Inn'!

Our goal was probably an autotelic one and it took us, the founders, ten years to realise that our direction of travel had always been towards the beach and the ocean.

It's this simple and this complex - BigBlueStuff has a deep passion for being on, in and around the ocean and is committed to ensuring future generations can do the same. Because, no ocean, no us!

So as we continue to journey, our endeavour is to consciously build a successful, sustainable, scalable business that includes working where we can:

  • To raise awareness and appreciation of our oceans
  • With clients and industries that impact the ocean
  • Using and developing our models, methods and thinking about how the ocean enables peak performance
  • To contribute to cleaner, greener, ‘Blue Ocean’ solutions for a better world

Whilst realising that we will sometimes, in our work, journey away from the ocean, it is always in our hearts and minds informing our thinking.

In 2016 we will:

  • Explore how further to secure affordable and sustainable energy supplies to every organisation and individual in the UK.
  • Build capability in Surf Life Saving GB to save more lives on British beaches through training future generations of lifeguards.
  • Help and save lives on Bantham beach, Devon, by continuing to sponsor an inshore rescue boat and sponsor a defibrillator at Gyllyngvase SLSC.


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