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Inspiration comes for free, ask better questions, get better answers and make better choices, do better business, gain insight, slay beasts, take action, get feedback, give feedback, get changed, make changes, be inspiring, be inspired, be more, do more, have more, give more, get more back, change your world, change your mind, change your world, be the change, step back, start with the end in mind, start again, expand your comfort zone, less is more, more or less, slow down to speed up, challenge yourself, challenge others, challenge the world, reflect on the past, create the future, take a different path. The one who smiles longest wins.

Boldness has genius power and magic in it, begin it now!

People Centred, Business Focused, Results Orientated Performance Consulting

This means achieving business goals through accessing the potential in individuals, teams and organisations thereby maximising and sustaining performance, enjoyment and learning.

We work with clients on a variety of engagements delivering 1-2-1 coaching, bespoke in-house coaching workshops, training workshops, project management, team coaching and team building, organisational change and development.

We also run experiential open coaching programmes using inspirational environments and deliver seminars on coaching, development and change for independent professionals.

Every individual, team and Organisation has innate potential

Everyone has the potential to ‘be’ more, after all we are human ‘beings’ not human 'doings'. If you can ‘be’ more, you can do more and have more. Simple!

Achieving clarity and fully understanding our connectedness to each other, and what we may be, enables transformation.

What would happen if you, your team or your organisation could ‘be’ more ?

An Environment should be better for us having been there

If we are not contributing to the solution, are we adding to the problem?

It’s not just our carbon footprint that constitutes a threat to the ‘environment’ we live work and play in. It’s generally not looking at who, where or what we are treading on.

We are not separate from our environment in the same way that we are not separate from each other; everything is interconnected; so watch where you’re stepping!

The Barriers to Breakthrough

'The Barriers to Breakthrough in performance are often embedded in the environment where individuals, teams and organisations need to perform the most.' (Kimber. C, The Perception of purchasers of coaching towards coaching in the natural environment. 2004. Unpublished Masters Dissertation)

Removing the barriers, whether physical, psychological or emotional gives a new perspective on the way individuals and teams do what they do and why they do it. Understanding the barriers, will increase performance and lead to doing better business.

Enjoyment, Performance and Learning are inextricably linked

If you have goals and objectives that are stretching and meaningful, that add value to your life and business and contribute to you being the best for the world, if not the best in the world, our guess is you’ll end up enjoying what you do a whole lot more.

It’s a virtuous spiral!

Your potential (P) minus interferences (I) equals your improved performance (P) or P-I=P

Removing the interference’s that constrain clear thinking and creative imagination, will enable sustainable performance!

Gaining clarity around what it is you want to achieve is a good place to start. So, start with the end in mind!

Unchain your brain.

(inspired by W.T Gallwey)

All things are interconnected

Your organisation is an idea with people added. It runs on potential, experience, motivation, behaviour, integrity and wisdom. All of these are interconnected and your business cannot exist without nurturing all of them.

The answer to doing better business is in the system, you just need to know how to look. We believe we can help you look differently at the answers you currently have and find the next right question.

Small equation; big results!

If you ask ‘better questions’, you will get ‘better answers’, which will enable you to make ‘better choices’ with stronger resolve. BQ+BA=BC. Simple!

Try; Who, What, When, Where or How, the next time you have to ask an important question.

For example asking, ‘What would happen if we recycled more of our waste product?’ is much more positive than asking, ‘ Why don’t we recycle?’ and will lead to greater endeavour.

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