Waste to Energy

July 2016

BigBlueStuff has been contracted to deliver a 15MW Waste to Energy plant in South Wales for Cogen Limited a UK Waste to Energy pioneer. The facility is scheduled to start construction in 2017.

BigBlueStuff is also looking to establish the UK business for small scale advanced gasification projects, leveraging cutting edge technology to provide sustainable and commercial local waste disposal and energy security opportunities.

Lockheed Martin sign Teaming Agreement with CoGen UK:

BigBlueStuff strengthens its consulting and coaching capability

January 2014

BigBlueStuff are excited to announce the strengthening of its consulting, coaching and facilitation offering by welcoming four respected peers as associates to the team. All experts in their fields they include:

- Myles Downey, founder of the School of Coaching, author and founder of e-coach.

- Lucy Parsons, renewable energy project management and stakeholder engagement.

Please visit to see our associates individual biographies or contact Pete or Cliff at BigBluestuff for more information.

The Crown Estate contracts BigBlueStuff to explore the readiness of UK Tidal Range

December 2013

BigBlueStuff has been contracted by The Crown Estate to deliver an investigation into the readiness of tidal range projects in the UK, with a view to creating and running a leasing process in 2014 to facilitate the delivery of first large scale Tidal Range projects in the UK.

The Crown Estate has launched an industry engagement process to understand market interest in future tidal range and lagoons projects around the UK. Interested developers have until 7 February 2014 to participate and we will use the feedback to help shape any possible competitive leasing process later in 2014. This could lead to the award of seabed rights to successful applicants by the end of 2014.

As the move has been prompted by a growing number of enquiries from developers of potential projects, The Crown Estates wishes to establish the readiness of the sector more broadly.

Ian Selby, Head of Minerals and Infrastructure said: "The opportunity that tidal range and lagoons could present for the UK has been long talked about. We now need to see if this is the time for action.

"We are keen to give industry the opportunity to set out their interest and how tidal range and lagoons projects could contribute to, and complement the UK's growing portfolio of low carbon offshore wind, wave and tidal stream portfolios."

In line with our strategic objective to support the growth and diversity of the offshore renewable energy sector in the UK, we are seeking views from project developers, other companies in the industry and stakeholders about possible approaches to leasing tidal range projects.

This projects follows on from the successful delivery of the industry report outlining how the 1st phases of Wave & Tidal projects in the Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters will be delivered in the Summer.

Sustainable Ocean Summit 2013

Save the Date
Save the Date

22nd - 24th April 2013, Washington DC

The Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) is an unprecedented gathering of the ocean business community that catalyzes the growing interest among ocean businesses for more effective leadership, collaboration and business value in addressing shared ocean environmental challenges.

The SOS brings together the wide range of industries involved in the use of marine space and resources, including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, ports, mining, renewable energy, tourism, dredging, marine science/technology, maritime law, insurance, finance, and others.

The conference will address priorities for cross-sectoral industry leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability, including: ocean policy, regulations and governance; marine spatial planning; the role of industries in ocean and climate observations; biofouling and invasive species; fisheries and aquaculture interaction with other industries; cross-sectoral collaboration in responsible use of the Arctic; sound and marine life; cargo issues, port waste reception facilities and marine debris; marine mammal interactions; the role of finance, insurance and legal sectors in ocean sustainability.

Other cross-cutting topics critical to responsible industry operations in the marine environment will be developed as the program evolves.

SOS sessions will be designed to provide the state of the knowledge on these issues, including topic overviews, case studies and examples of best practices. The SOS is designed to advance the development and implementation of solutions by providing input to WOC priority-setting, programs and projects.

Limited opportunities are available for speakers to address the themes above. Experts and thought leaders interested in being considered as speakers are encouraged to contact the WOC.

For more information visit

The Crown Estate contracts BigBluestuff to deliver Wave & Tidal study

November 2013

BigBlueStuff has delivered to The Crown Estate an industry report outlining how the 1st phases of Wave & Tidal projects in the Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters will be delivered.

The project completed in the Summer of 2013 undertook a detailed study aimed at developing a more complete understanding of the constraints, risks and what technology and manufacturing development works will be required to deliver this wave & tidal portfolio. The published report can be found at:

BigBlueStuff Joins The World Ocean Council

January 2012

BigBlueStuff is proud to join the forward thinking organisations and associations who share the World Ocean Council's (WOC) vision of a healthy and productive ocean and its sustainable use and stewardship by responsible businesses. For more information visit

The World Ocean Council brings together the diverse ocean business community to collaborate on stewardship of the seas. This unique coalition is working to improve ocean science in support of safe and sustainable operations, educate the public and stakeholders about the role of responsible companies in addressing environmental concerns, more effectively engage in ocean policy and planning, and develop science-based solutions to cross-cutting environmental challenges that cannot be solved by one company or industry.

Saving lives on the beach

March 2010

BigBlueStuff is proud to support Bantham SLSC efforts in saving lives on the beach. We have committed to a 10 year package of support to fund a new Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) to enable this active Devon life saving club to continue to provide safe beach cover. The IRB is used to effect rescues in and around the beach environment and last summer was launched to assit or rescue on 30 occassions.

The IRB also enables the club to show case its driving and rescue skills at National and European competitions. 2012 sees the club defend it GB and European titles, whilst raising funds to compete in the World Championships in Adelaide Australia in November.

Marine Spatial Planning Forum

September 2011

As part of BBS’ long sighted ambition we were recently invited to address the World Ocean Council (WOC) in Washington DC. WOC convened the first-ever meeting of ocean industries at the National Business Forum on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) to foster, facilitate and plan for cross sector business involvement, truly a long sighted way of thinking about the ocean. WOC brought together leadership companies and associations concerned about access to ocean space and resources in this National Business Forum, which was co-presented by Battelle Memorial Institute with additional sponsorship from the National Ocean Industries Association and Blank Rome.

BBS in association with Golder Associates, a global marine planning consultancy presented a strong case for a co-ordinated and sustained marine spatial planning effort to ensure future development of the worlds’ oceans should be borne from sound, evidence based economic and environmental data. The presentation focused on efforts to date in the UK and lessons learnt.

BBS and Golder Associates continue to explore the opportunity to commercial deploy The Crown Estate’s Marine Spatial Planning system, MaRS.

Surf Life Saving GB

May 2011

Congruent with another of BBS’ passions, surfing we have recently become involved in the governance of the charitable national body whose aim is To save lives on British beaches and to provide education in all areas relating to lifesaving and resuscitation for the benefit of the public, with a Big Blue Stuff Partner being elected to the board.

Surf Life Saving GB has for over 50 years been providing support and guidance to Surf Life Saving Clubs all around the UK in training lifeguards, patrolling and making beaches safe and educating the public in beach safety.

Can you help? As part of the business planning process underway, Surf Life Saving GB has identified a need for investment in people and processes, specifically suitably competent people to support the delivery of marketing initiatives, fundraising and business process review. Would you or your business have time to commit to support this worthy national charity? A long sighted view now will ensure the longer term success of an organisation that wants to make 30,000 people a year safer by 2014 as they use the natural environment for their enduring pleasure. If so please get in touch and we will introduce you to its great CEO, Esther Pearson.

MaRS 'Innovation and Achievement, Return on Investment' Award

December 2010

The Crown Estate's marine resource system, MaRS, has won a fourth award for 'Innovation and Achievement, Return on Investment' from the Association for Geographic Information (AGI). This new award, open to all sector organisations, was created to recognise "best practice" in the financial justification of investment in geospatial technology.

MaRS the first integrated marine asset planning system for the UK and possibly worldwide, won the award as it has demonstrated an extensive evidence base with rich analysis functionality in a robust system. This has not only benefited The Crown Estate's working practices but also enabled the first ever prediction of opportunities for its marine assets. The substantial outlay is expected to create multi million pound business benefits, in potential mitigated losses, efficiency gains and new revenues. The knowledge gained in developing MaRS has been shared with Norwegian government departments, Isle of Man and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States, and with other administrations including the UK Government's Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Marine Scotland.

The AGI exists to represent the interests of the UK's geographic information (GI) industry; a wide-ranging group of public and private sector organisations, suppliers of GI software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals.

BigBlueStuff has led the conception and delivery of MaRS in order to better plan for the sustainable use the world's oceans.

MaRS - Business Project of the year - medalist

November 2010

The Crown Estate's Marine Resource System, MaRS, was appointed a medallist in the business project of the year award at the BCS and Computing UK IT Industry Awards 2010.

The Crown Estate received this honour for its vision, leadership and innovative use of ESRI's geographic information system (GIS) technology in mapping the potential of UK waters for marine renewable energy using our MaRS spatial planning tool. The award recognises the value MaRS can bring through improved planning in the marine environment. Robust, evidence based spatial planning reduces the potential for conflict between competing activities and creates a more certain climate for investment.

Rob Hastings, director of the marine estate at The Crown Estate said: "The Crown Estate has invested in the development of a cutting edge spatial planning tool, MaRS, to help us manage our estate sustainably. We now have a more comprehensive understanding of the UK marine environment, the economic value of our marine estate and the often competing interests of marine users. In planning for the long term sustainable use of the marine environment we hope to demonstrate our good stewardship of this national asset whilst maximising is economic return to the UK."

The BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards provide a platform for the entire profession to celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence. In total, the awards feature 24 categories which cover: project, organisation, technology and individual excellence. The categories are open to organisations and individuals involved in IT across the public, not for profit and commercial sectors.

MaRS is built on an ESRI software platform and currently stores, manages and processes over 500 layers of UK marine data. We use the tool to plan our marine activities through the identification of development opportunity and constraints taking account of marine policies and an evaluation of the environmental and financial sustainability of proposed activities. MaRS is a place where a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders can be facilitated.

BigBlueStuff has led the conception and delivery of MaRS in order to better plan for the sustainable use the world's oceans.

MaRS wins ESRI Award for Return on Investment

May 2010

The Crown Estate's Marine Spatial Planning system (MaRS) has won the 2010 ESRI Award for Return on Investment.

The award recognises MaRS's ability to demonstrate the value of improved planning in the marine environment. Multi-million pound savings can be delivered through robust evidence based spatial planning by avoiding conflicts between competing activities and creating a better investment climate. The award focuses on GIS projects that demonstrate a high level of return on investment. The submission by The Crown Estate was deemed to show strengths across a number of areas but was praised for the value delivered in increasing investment certainty around the Round 3 off shore wind programme.

Dr Tim Norman, senior manager planning, at The Crown Estate said: "The Crown Estate has invested in the development of a cutting edge spatial planning tool, MaRS, to help us manage our estate sustainably. We now have a more comprehensive understanding of the UK marine environment, the economic value of our marine estate and the often competing interests of marine users. It's great to be recognised by the industry for our efforts."

ESRI UK is the leading provider of geographic information systems (GIS), helping businesses become more profitable and public service more efficient through a better understanding of the importance of location. The ESRI (UK) GIS Innovation Awards are designed to recognise ESRI customers' commitment to innovation and improvement through the successful deployment of GIS.

BigBlueStuff has led the conception and delivery of MaRS in order to better plan for the sustainable use the world's oceans.

Longest Board Paddle in the UK

September 2008

BigBlueStuff is proud to support the efforts of Liam, Paul and Stephan as they completed the longest board paddle in the UK around the Eddystone Lighthouse in the English Channel.

The boys undertook this epic 30 mile paddle in 11 hours starting from Plymouth out and around the Eddystone and finishing on Bantham Beach to raise money for local charities.

Good effort boys, well done.