Inspire - Engage - Perform

The single most powerful component in driving performance is the ability of the leader, the team or the organisation to change its behaviour. The simple truth is that to improve, something must change. Business' cannot do the same thing repeatedly and expect an improvement in performance.

In a world where organisations, entrepreneurs, individuals, SME's and teams conduct business at the speed of thought, the way they anticipate, orient, make decisions and act requires a mindset of agility and mobility that can embrace both the changes they create and the changes that economic conditions and technology thrust upon them.

Most service providers tend to do what the client asks them (all well and good and BBS can and has done that) rather than challenging the client by bringing something new to the table.

Our mission is to work with people who know that the status quo isn’t working and that there is a deep need to change. Building broad and deep relationships, responding to clients who tell us 'We want more than a transactional relationship-currently you are a provider to my business but not me'

BigBlustuff draws on expertise from a diverse range of experience; coaching, facilitation, organisational change, business development, project management, marketing and sales. We have designed, adopted and adapted tools and techniques and developed innovative ways of working that enable clients to embrace change and increase performance at an appropriate speed for them and what they are trying to achieve.

When appropriate we use the natural environment to facilitate breakthrough thinking, as we believe passionately in the power of nature. We deliver our Executive Insight Lab programme for indviduals and teams looking to break free from current ways of thinking and doing.

We are trained Lego Serious Play facilitiators, an innovative way of thinking about change and performance through understanding systemic thinking and the dynamic complexity at work in organisations.

We utilise military thinking developed by John Boyd to help clients to cycle quickly through problems, disrupt patterns of thinking and increase the rate of adoption and change in their thinking.

We use peronnal construct psychology as a coaching tool to improve they way that individuals are able to think clearly so that they forward the action and deepen the learning.

In essence what we do is shaped by what we try hard to 'be' in the world.

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