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“In my view Cliff is one of a few business coaches who really “gets it’ – and I say this having experienced his coaching. He understands the player’s (coachee) needs and aim, keeps the client organisation’s needs in focus and is as concerned about performance – delivering results for the business – as he is about development. To this he then adds insight, creativity and humour. A unique package.”
Myles Downey, Founder of The School of Coaching and author of 'Effective Coaching, Lessons from the coach's coach'

BigBlueStuff’s coaching is based on the central tenet of 'People centered, Business focused, Results orientated'. Effectively the achievement of business goals, through accessing the potential in individuals, teams and organisations to maximise, sustain and increase performance.

We deliver bespoke coaching solutions to organisations in a variety of industries including Finance, Engineering, Recruitment and for HM Government, that inspire and engage participants and coachees leaving them agile, enabled and able to increase performance in themselves and their teams, that ripple out through the organisation.

Our approach is one informed by our experience in business and a deep understanding of coaching principles. We combine this with our constant search for new or innovative ways of using the coaching skills we've developed to increase and then sustain performance. This has lead us to study and integrate many ideas, but two disciplines set us apart in our coaching. Firstly, the thinking that supports George Kelly's Personal Construct theory and secondly the work of Col. John Boyd who developed the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act).

This thinking, combined with experiential programmes in the natural environment and our use of the Lego serious Play (LSP) experiential methodology enables us to offer our clients a unique solution to performance issues and opportunities that face every business, every day.

Having worked with Cliff in a previous company, I knew immediately that BIGBLUE STUFF were the people we wanted to work with when we took 45 of our senior managers away for two days, to introduce new people to the team and understand what gets in the way of us working together effectively. From the first concept meeting through to the final session, BIGBLUESTUFF worked closely with us to achieve the outcomes we’d defined together, by really getting inside our business and understanding how we work.

Using creative and dynamic activities that kept people’s interest and focus, they challenged us to understand, and enabled us to reflect, on how what we do impacts on our business performance, through a series of coaching dialogues with groups and individuals. Their attention to the detail, while never losing sight of the end goal was outstanding, leaving me able to participate fully, confident of the success of the outcomes. The final session which involved all 45 managers for a whole morning, was well thought out and expertly executed thus engaging people and maintaining energy all the way through.

BIGBLUESTUFF’s style makes you responsible as an organisation for making it happen. They create the environment and enable the dialogue to take place to get you where you need to be. They don’t give you the answers, but they certainly make sure you work them out. And they make it a lot of fun getting there!
Jan Lewis, Director of Human Resources, Carl Bro Engineering Group Limited

If you don't have time to stand back, to look at your business, to identify your own contribution, your weakness, the gaps, and recognise the subtle changes that could alter your productivity, then make the time and get Pete to coach you. However good you think you are, 'if you always do, what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten'. The better you are, the better you could be with someone coaching you. Give it a go, I did, and he's still helping!
Martin Beck Wealth Management - St James's Place Partner

It has provided me with a different lens through which to view problems and people. I now make a conscious effort to challenge my perceptions of things and to look for 'another right answer'. Although still something that it a conscious activity, it has thrown up new options and has improved my confidence levels.
N. Ong Research Liaison/Facilitator - BOX at the London School of Ecconomics

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