Executive Insight Lab

At BBS we create an experience and environment in our ‘executive insight lab’ where a client can immerse themselves in a unique space, partnering with our facilitators to thoroughly understand and explore their landscapes. Our executive insight labs are unique inasmuch as they usually involve the outdoors and a ‘hands on’ thinking methodology, blue sky thinking under a blue sky seems to produce extraordinary results.

The facilitators in the lab will bring the right degree of challenge, support and exploration that enables clients to do meaningful work in confidence, generate insight and galvanise thoughts around their business and lives. Our Labs are designed in service of the outcomes our clients want to achieve.

A BBS executive insight Lab is totally focussed on the client’s immediate need to immerse themselves in a safe and secure environment where the only other people in the Lab are there to enable them. Typically leaders will focus on some of the following areas depending on what is emerging for them at any given stage in life or career, for example:

• Enhancing capacity and impact
• Clarity on strategy
• Leading for competitive edge

• Leading into a new role
• Leading out of a role
• Acquiring a new business

• Future proofing the business
• Generating company insight and business foresight
• Navigating the internal politics

• Building out a succession plan to make sure a business remains fit for purpose. This can include all aspects of the business that will be touched by the succession.
• Purpose and Legacy

• Building and leading great teams
• Creating a high performing team
• Leading your leaders

BBS executive insight labs are designed so that the client, immersed in the lab experience, will develop an action plan that will typically include short, medium and long-term actions that they see as critical to moving forward, which can be supported by 1-2-1 coaching as the client works towards their vision and achieving their ambition.

A 180 day plan is a typical example of an BBS Lab output that may include action around personal development and improving capability and capacity, managing oneself through transition, understanding the current landscape to improve effectiveness; the Labs are built with a complete focus on enabling the client in the moment and for the future.

BBS executive insight lab will start with a client briefing and thoroughly understanding what they expect and want from the experience. An informal dinner the evening before the Lab, with the client and facilitators, allows for some time to get to know the ‘partners’ that will be in the Lab and mentally prepare for engaging with the two days that will be focussed entirely on them.

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