Case Study

CLIENT: Not for profit organisation, drugs/alcohol/crime

OBJECTIVE: Review organisational design against customer needs.

BRIEF: Engaged to work with the leadership team to consolidate their thinking and gain clarity about the future, structure and direction of the organisation.

SOLUTION: A three day experiential intervention taking the whole organisation out of their normal working environment to a place where hierarchy, usual ways of working and interferences were minimised, as the barriers to breakthrough are often embedded in the environment where people need to perform the most. We created a ‘time-out’ for the whole organisation.

Using Lego Serious play to model the dynamic complexity of the organisation and its field of operation, combined with a stunning natural environment where the team could coalesce and then enabling the organisation to understand itself through learning to Walk-on Water© and begin the real work of understanding how it needed to develop in order to deliver an exceptional service for their clients. .

BUSINESS RESULT: The organisation realised it was ‘facing the wrong way’ and that its structure, resources and focus were not aligned with its end customer. As a direct result it changed its legal status and realigned if business proceses to enable this.

The business then implemented a programme of 1-2-1 coaching for its leadership team to enable them to successfully manage the change within the wider business, staff and suppliers.

I would once again like to thank BBS for the work that you delivered to help us reach clarity about our purpose and better ways of working.
Peter Mason, Chief Executive – Centre for Public Innovation