Programme & Project Management

You leave behind a remarkable legacy in the form of MaRS which has clearly put us in a league of our own and I am very grateful for all the work you’ve put in to such an exciting and ground-breaking project.

Former Chief Executive, The Crown Estate

Project Delivery

Every business has a need to foresee, plan and manage their way through the ever-changing business landscape, to create a firm foundation, with a clear and understood direction of travel.

With potential game changing events like Brexit, the way in which your business chooses to ride the waves of uncertainty could be critical to continued success. Successful businesses act with decisiveness in an uncertain world.

At BigBlueStuff, our role in your future is to help and enable your business develop its proactive planning and mission critical management capability and capacity. These skills will enable you to better manage the impacts of change, give you the freedom of action you need and the scope for initiative that will ultimately drive your competitive advantage so that your business doesn’t merely survive, it thrives.

There are three fundamentals BigBlueStuff brings that can enable your business:

Firstly: We encourage you to assemble the right team and give the future, adequate space and time here in the present. This is critical to the successful scoping and implementation of your project, whether installing a renewable energy solution to drive down energy costs or managing the build of a luxury pool complex.

Secondly: Co-creating with your team a business “As Is” model before moving through to co-creating a business “Ideal” model facilitated by us drives deeper understanding of where you are with now, against where you need to be. Identifying the gaps, and mapping actions and issues in delivering the ‘Ideal’ are what creates excellence and resilience in your business.

Clients often work with us to help them build the wider business landscape around their business ‘Ideal’ model and play out real scenarios e.g. the impact/opportunity of Brexit. Time spent, planning for “what if” scenarios enables your business to “factor in betrayal” and ensures your project programmes can flex and accommodate emerging events in your business landscape.

Finally: We work with you to agree the signposts and triggers your family office or business will act on if and when the “what if” scenario occurs. This is critical, for example, before ‘breaking ground’ on your project to purchase your dream vineyard in France or installing a waste to energy plant for your business working with BigBlueStuff will help you turn your vision into a project fit for purpose. Fundamentally, BigBluestuff exists to enable your business to be proactive, to plan and act decisively if the tide turns or the waves calm.

If you are embarking on a discrete project, working on a project in trouble or are interested in talking about a project’s viability please call Pete Lawrence, Project Management lead +447786545543.

Over the past couple of years Pete has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His no-nonsense approach to project management, problem definition and proactive style has enabled him to support the UK's first foray into tidal range energy, and a whole host of other infrastructure initiatives at the leading edge of development practice. Above all else, Pete's flexible, adaptable and personable attitude to work has enabled us to push forward some highly challenging initiatives. Few demonstrate such willingness and interest in making a difference, even when dealing with new and often ambiguous assignments. If you get an opportunity to work with Pete, go for it. - Paul Catterall, The Crown Estate

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